Eugene Gilligan Garden Design
Eugene Gilligan Garden Design Melbourne | EG Horticulture Landscaping & Gardening Services
Eugene, Gilligan, Garden, Design, Approach , Carlton, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
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We take an individual approach to each of our projects through the tailored selection of high-quality finishes, unique planting schedules and garden furnishing. Depending on the scope of the garden, our concept designs include architectural structures such as swimming pools, pergolas, pavilions and climbing frames, as well as custom designed outdoor furniture.

Our plans and elevations detail the scale and proportion of paved and garden areas while emphasising the essential role of plants, which are carefully selected and arranged to soften and enrich the space through texture and seasonal colour. Our passion for classical and contemporary design ensures each garden beautifully complements and enhances the architectural style of the property.


We value our relationship with clients and encourage their input in every aspect of the project in order to deliver the best possible outcome. Thanks to EG Horticulture, dedicated to establishing and maintaining the soft landscape elements of our gardens, we also have the pleasure of looking after our designs from concept to maturity.


Eugene Gilligan